Exciting News!  Backstage Magazine selected me as one of 30 actors on the verge of a huge a career breakout this year.  Yippee!

"The staff of Backstage has put together a list of whom they see as the next Brad Pitts -- or Angelina Jolies -- a total of 30 actors and actresses who are on the verge of becoming household names."--The Hollywood Reporter

"In choosing the first-ever Backstage 30—two and a half dozen actors on the verge of becoming household names—we relied on guts, but not our own. We asked CDs, network and studio executives, and other industry insiders to recommend actors they felt were destined for great things. Then we pinched our noses and brought math and science—as much the natural enemies of writer types as they are of actor types—into the mix. We looked at Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and Tumblr search results to see which 30 actors had the biggest social-media footprints. We factored in the number of industry recommendations each actor received; then—presto—we had our list."--Backstage Magazine

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